🎉Congratulations to 5 of our all year round ISDS Training players who have made phase two of the NJ ODP Try Outs 🎉

This is the first step to the Regional & Youth National Teams
& we could not be more proud. 👏👏👏


⚽All 5 of these players train everyday, some have been preparing for 4 years.

⚽All 5 players play for club teams and train all year round with us, with different players from differ clubs.

⚽We provide an elite path away for players away from club soccer, where the environment is positive & the training is world class headed by our NCAA College coaches & Ex professional soccer players. 


Interested in training with us? Check out our Fall Programs – Registration is open, but spaces are limited.

…as a parent, I am delighted that ashlee has made the second phase of NJ ODP, Ashlee has been working with coach Matt Higgins for just under 4 years, & has given my daughter a real boost with her training, she loves attending his sessions & has fine tuned her to be ready for times like this, I urge any parent looking for professional training to choose ISDS the private lessons & Group Training is world class…

-K. Langschultz

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